PRP Platelet-Rich Plasma Facial at Mermaid’s Skin & Wellness- Delray Beach, Florida


Made famous by Kim Kardashian, the PRP Facial or better known as the ‘Vampire facial’ is a treatment that uses your own blood to provide fabulous results. In a one-two punch, this facial starts with a micro-needling session that stimulates collagen and then a layer of your own platelet-rich plasma is applied to rouse the skin at a cellular level.

Outside of its celebrity-endorsed buzz, the PRP Facial is gaining popularity because the treatment doesn’t use chemicals, rather your own platelet-rich plasma— there’s little to no risk of any side effects.

At Mermaid’s Skin & Wellness in Delray Beach, FL, the PRP Facial starts with the smallest of pokes as our team draws your blood. While the blood is separating into the platelet-rich plasma that will applied to your face, you’ll receive micro needling— a method that not only allows the PRP to be better absorbed, but also stimulates collagen production. Unlike Kim’s famous facial, this treatment won’t actually leave you looking bloody, rather the plasma is clear and serum-like. At the end of the treatment, we can upgrade to your own custom PRP mask to take home with you for later use.

This treatment can be done at the same time as Botox, Kybella or one of our awesome facials. Our Grand Opening promotion beats any other in the area at just $299!

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